Check Out Family Kingdom for Family Fun!

There’s a reason so many families choose Myrtle Beach for their family vacations: Kids simply love it here. And when we say that, we’re including the grown-ups who are still kids on the inside!

Family Kingdom, which is located just a mile from Holiday Inn at the Pavilion, is a great place to go and set your inner child free for the day. 

Not sure where to start? Try the Twist n’ Shout steel roller coaster—it’s one of the latest additions to the amusement park side of Family Kingdom, and throwing your hands in the air and screaming while you fly through the air on a wild roller coaster is one of the best ways to wake up that sleeping kid inside. But that’s just a start—there are more than 30 rides to choose from, including the Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster, the sling shot for a truly hair-raising ride and a splash-inducing log flume ride.

But if thrill rides aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. There are family-friendly rides for the terror-averse, as well as kiddie rides for those who aren’t yet big enough to ride the big rides. Kids love the 4 X 4 Big Trucks, the Kiddie wheel, and the mini bumper cars! And if Go Karts are your thing, Family Kingdom has a couple of options—you can enjoy an oval track or a figure-8, which allows those 18 years and older to take riders along.

Family Kingdom ride passes can be purchased by the ticket, unlimited by the day, or in a combo pass with Family Kingdom’s water park. There’s no admission fee unless you want to ride, so any members of the family who aren’t into the rides can still come and enjoy watching the kids—young and old—enjoy themselves.

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