Pack Your Swords For Dinner At Medieval Times!

Pack your armor and sword and prepare for the show of a lifetime! Medieval Times: Dinner and Tournament will keep you on the edge of your seats. Watch an exciting jousting tournament as six knights battle it out. And, with a meal fit for a king, what's not to love?

With an exciting brand new show, Medieval Times: Dinner & Tournament will entertain you from start to finish! While a treaty is in the process of being signed, The Prince embarks on a journey to a foreign kingdom. He finds peril on the way and meanwhile, back at the castle, the knights are celebrating by having a royal jousting tournament and other festivities in honor of the treaty. The adventure unfolds when the foreign kingdom comes knocking on their castle doorstep. What happens next? You’ll just have to go and see for yourself!

The 4-course meal includes a healthy portion of chicken, fresh tomato soup, a succulent pork rib, a baked potato, fragrant garlic bread, and a homemade apple pastry. The hearty meal is fit for a king and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Of course, there are vegetarian meals available, and the drinks are non-stop refills of Pepsi/Diet Pepsi and tea. Bar-backs will continuously walk through your row to see if you’re fancying any drinks from the bar as well.

Medieval Times is without a doubt a family friendly place that children really do seem to enjoy. They will love the crowns they receive when they walk in and overall the setting is so vast and decorated they will want to go see and do everything the castle has to offer. The horses will be a sight to see as there are all kinds dressed up in battle armor and ready to put on a show!

Medieval Times: Dinner & Tournament promises on a breathtaking show, and the service is so grand you will feel like royalty. Hang on to your helmets people, the show is about to begin. 

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