Step Into a World of Magic & Adventure at MagiQuest

Step into a world of magic and adventure, where every twist, turn, and spell brings you closer to uncovering your personal Magi story. Towering over the paths at Broadway at The Beach, MagiQuest allows visitors to grab ahold of their destiny and unlock all the powers and secrets of its fantasy realm with their very own magic wand. This whimsical escape is a perfect way for visitors of all ages to take a break from the sun or rain.

Your MagiQuest journey begins with the purchase of your very own wand. Each wand contains the secrets about your character and remembers all of your achievements along the way. There are two types of wands available: classic wands and dragon wands. The classic wand, with the enchanting carving that decorates its surface, is a great choice for the beginner Magi. The dragon wand, created from a combination of spells and magical elements, provide extra powers and abilities to their Magi. Each type of wand can be fitted and customized with the purchase of a wand topper.

Once you have settled on a wand, you will embark upon your journey by entering into the Kingdom. This interactive Kingdom is where you will be sent out to interact with princesses, goblins, unicorns, and dragons in order to piece together their story. Use your wand to unlock challenges, complete quests, win battles and interact with objects that are hidden throughout the Kingdom. Along with your wand, you will be guided along by multiple objects, characters, and creatures. When the powers of your mind come together with the powers of the wand, the treasures of your story will begin to unfold.

When all quests in the first volume of the Ancient Book of Wisdom are completed, you will be anointed with the title of Master Magi, and all of the secrets of the Master Book will be yours. At the end of each MagiQuest visit, your story is saved along with your accomplished skill level and can be picked up the next time you visit and enter into this fantasy realm.

A new Magi has the option to choose from a 75 minute, 90 minute, or 100 minute play pass. Prices for those passes start at $26 and include a classic wand. A returning Magi may purchase additional minutes starting at $15 to continue their journey. Wands are individual to each user and cannot be rented for the day, but can be used during the next visit or at other MagiQuest locations. Group rates are available and are ideal for large families or parties. Hours of operation are from 1:00pm – 8:00 pm throughout the week and 10:00 am – 8:00 pm on weekends, giving you plenty of time to explore the Kingdom and unlock its wonders. For more information on this popular family attraction, call (843) 916-1800 or visit MagiQuest online today!

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