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Month: August 2014


Thought Myrtle Beach has long been associated with family friendly activities, did you know that our sandy shoreline is also home to a wide array of exciting thrill rides? Get your heart racing at one of these exhilarating attractions – if you dare:

Sling Shot

The human “sling shot” is located in the downtown area and is hard to miss! This ride takes riders two at a time and guests lie on their backs facing the sky. Suddenly, guests are thrust over 300 feet into the air at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Talk about a rush! Guests then bob back and forth a few times before being lowered back onto the ground. With a little work, partners can even get the circular capsule that they are seated in to spin through the air at descent. The ride is equipped with an on-board camera that catches all the action so guests can see their reactions and even take home a video for later viewing.

Swamp Fox Coaster at Family Kingdom

The Swamp Fox coaster at Family Kingdom Amusement Park has been an area staple for almost 50 years and keeps guests flocking back year after year. This wooden coaster boasts an impressive 2,400 feet of track and takes guests on a thrilling trip full of unexpected twists and turns. Guests will also be treated to breathtaking views of the Atlantic at the top of the ride – but don’t get too distracted! If you aren’t paying attention one of the plummets or turns might take you by surprise! 

Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is a more recent addition to the bustling boardwalk and has quickly become a part of many guests’ annual vacation itinerary. This ferris-wheel-esque ride stands at 190-feet tall and boasts being the largest ride of its type east of the Mississippi River. The SkyWheel offers 40 climate controlled gondolas that take guests soaring into the air, providing endless vistas of the Atlantic and the coastline. And, at almost 200 feet into the air, you can rest assured that this ride will get your heart racing! Each gondola can hold up to sex guests, making this a great option for families.

Turbo Twisters at Myrtle Waves

The Turbo Twisters at Myrtle Waves Water Park aren’t for the faint of heart. These enclosed tube slides climb 10 stores into the air and are among the tallest tube slides in the world. Once at the top of the tower, guests take the long journey downward throughout the spiraling enclosure at speeds of up to 50 feet per second! The slides whip and wind downward but the darkness makes it impossible to anticipate what is coming up next. Once at the bottom, guests are thrown down a long, narrow stretch of pool and the ride finally comes to an end. Thrill seekers will definitely want to try this exhilarating slide more than once!


Have you ever wanted to fly? If so, make this dream a reality by booking a parasailing trip! This unique water sport has been in the area since the early 1980’s and is an absolute “must” if you enjoy wet n’ wild fun. Guests can enjoy a sole adventure or ride in sets of two or three. Riders are strapped into seats attached to a parachute and then wait at the end of the boat until they reach the perfect stretch of ocean. Then, the captain accelerates quickly and the riders take flight! Guests can choose to stay dry during flight or get dipped for even more frills. Parasailing is a great family activity and is fun for guests of all ages.


Summer is slowly winding down but things are still pretty darn hot here in Myrtle Beach. The beach is great and probably the main reason why you chose to visit our sandy shores, but you are bound to need a break from the sun and sand at one point or another. Luckily, the Myrtle Beach area is packed with a wide array of attractions and entertainment that can help you beat the sweltering heat. Check out our top picks for spots to keep cool during your beach adventure:


Dinner and a Show at Pirates Voyage

Gather your scallywags and head to Pirate’s Voyage for a swashbuckling good time! This eventful dinner and show production is the perfect place to make memories that last. Watch in awe as the Crimson and Sapphire pirates duke it out on the decks of their full scale ships and over the water with breathtaking mid-air stunts with expertly choreographed precision. This lively show also features an original score produced by Dolly Pardon and guest appearances from friendly mermaids and live animals. In addition to energetic entertainment, a trip to Pirates Voyage also includes a decadent four course meal which offers roasted chicken, creamy vegetable soup, BBQ pulled pork, and even a homemade apple pie pastry. Tickets may be purchased online or at the theatre. Call (843) 497-9700 for more information.


A Magical Evening at the Palace Theatre

Bring your family to the Palace Theatre, conveniently located at Broadway at the Beach, to enjoy the east coast’s most popular magic show, Illusions of Magic. This family friendly production is hosted by house magician, Peter Gossamer. He entertains the crowd with several classic magic tricks, like the popular “rip and reappear” newspaper stunt, and then works into more mind-boggling tricks as he makes his assistant and even a full sized motorcycle disappear right in front of your eyes! Other acts guests can look forward to include a tiger tamer with five 200 pound Bengal tigers, a human cannonball act, and even a show stopping crossbow act from Ben Blaque from “America’s Got Talent”. This show runs from spring to fall and offers shows daily. Call (843) 448-9224 for more information.


Meet Your Idols at the Wax Museum

New for 2014, the Hollywood Wax Museum is the perfect place to beat the heat. The building is full of wax figures; after all, so you can be sure you will get to enjoy plenty of coveted A/C here during the scorching summer months. Best of all, this new museum is home to not one but three unique attractions, giving you plenty of things to fill your afternoon. Start your adventure by checking out the wax museum and get up close and personal with all of your favorite idols. Features celebrities include Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and the king himself – Elvis, to name a few. Then, see how you’d fare in a zombie apocalypse at Outbreak and then find your way home through a maze of mirrors at Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. All three attractions can be enjoyed together or separately. Call (843) 444-0091 for more information.